Mauritius – Journey at Its Luxurious Best

Travelers from around the globe come to Mauritius to spectacle its tourist attractions and enjoy its enriching colors and culture. Mauritius Island located on the coast of the African continent is about 900 km east of Madagascar. Stepping on the picturesque Mauritius Island promises to be a thrilling discovery. Mauritius is a charming and attractive piece of paradise. Myriad tourist attractions in Mauritius like Grand Bay, the Waterpark Leisure Village, Martello Towers, Dolphins, Pereybère and Belle Mare Beach allures hordes of travelers and dwellers.

Port Louis

Port Louis, aka the Mauritius city, the capital, has porches of color and charm: in the outdoor marketplace, where fine ground spices pervade the air; along the refurbished waterfront, where a Western-style shopping mall has sprung up; and, best of all, at the Champs de Mars racecourse. The bustling garment markets located in the towns of Cure pipe and Quatre Bornes and Black River Gorges National Park’s climactic virgin forests make Mauritius different than other beach locations. This capital of Mauritius is well connected by air and sea with major cities around the world. Mauritius takes pride as a tourist destination and vigorously advertises their island country in the tourism industry.


Hotels in Mauritius come in a lot of budget scales. There are the expensive ultra-luxurious five star rated hotels, and there are also affordable three-star hotels and other cheaper accommodations. The Internet is the best place to search for a hotel that suits you. Hotels have been listed according to their location and prices, and you should check on the facilities available in each of them before deciding to book a hotel. Hotel bookings can be very easily done online through the hotel’s official website or travel agents. It’s advisable that you first see pictures of the hotel on their website before zeroing in on the hotel that you want to make your vacation home

Deep sea fishing

Mauritius is famous for deep sea fishing, and the Mauritius Island holds many coveted world records to do with fishing. The Barracuda, yellow tuna, different species of sharks and marlin are a few of the marine life that can be encountered in the waters around this island.

Luxurious golf courses

Mauritius hotels also offer one of the best golf courses in the world and the most splendid of them all is the ‘Le Touessrok Golf Course’. This golf course is special in the sense that it occupies an entire private island which solely belongs to the golf course. Imagine playing golf on white sand and amidst the infinite expanse of the deep blue sea stretching forever on all sides of you. Just the thought brings an excited smile on your face, doesn’t it?!

The island also boasts of green slopes and land-based activities such as hunting deer, biking on the hills, horse riding and trekking in addition to the expected water sports like canoeing, kayaking, abseiling, windsurfing and water skiing. Yachts are also valuable  possessions for Mauritians, and there are many Yacht cruising competitions. You can even sail in a submarine. There is something for everybody!